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Going to Bogor by Train (Commuter Line)

Bogor city has to be friendlier for tourist.

Why did I say that?

It is an experience from my colleague.

He went to Bogor by train with his family, total 5 persons include baby.

When he arrived at Bogor Station, it was so crowded; oh I forgot to mention that he went to Bogor on 25 December, which is national holiday for us.

He said to me that he will try use train instead of car, and I said, yes, it must be fun and a bit adventure for you and your family.

About 12 o clock at noon, he arrived at Bogor station, and he was confused to go out and difficult to walk because of so many people there.

waiting at pasar minggu station and inside of the train

He found a tourist office nearby station, but it took almost one hour to get there.

He asked one of staff of the tourist office, how to get taxi to hotel Aston, and the staff explained, difficult to find taxi, so he suggested rent a car and he has to pay 250 thousand rupiah (it is very expensive).

After waited about 45 minutes, car didn’t come (still on the way), but of course, his children felt hungry and tired.

He decided to use online transportation, Go Car and it was only five minutes and fare only less than 100 thousand rupiah to Aston Hotel, yeeees.. it just more than half price of rental car.

So, he cancelled the rental car and change to use online.

On the way to hotel, (he didn’t know exactly which street), there was an fire accident and one way was closed, traffic jam, plus a lot of green bus (angkot)every where.

He saw the lamp sign of the gasoline was red, and he felt it was really a worst day for the adventure, if car stop and he has to push until gas station… oh gosh….but car still continue going to hotel without stop.

Need 4 hours from Bogor station to Aston Hotel in Bogor City, what a day…hahaha.



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