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I had been many times to have plan to go to this place, but many activities/reasons  came up and we couldn’t visit Jungle Land.First time me and my big families went there, during lebaran holiday, and it was full and the most important thing is….. the price is quiete expensive for us, about 200 thousand rupiah for each person, and we are about more than 10 persons, so that’s why we decided not to enter.

About one month ago, I got discount voucher from Ace Hardware, 50% off, not bad….. yeeyyyy…. finally we will go there. I asked my brother to join, and the 7 of us, including our family went to Jungle Land Theme Park.

We left home at 7 am, and my brother came to my house,  we use 1 car to go together.After we park the car, there is one parking staff came to me, and he offered me to get discount ticket, and I ask how many percents the discount, and he said, I can get 50 % disc, so I rejected, if he can give me more than 50%, of course, I will take it.

And the queu line was so long, the locket not all opened, and I saw a lot of people also hold the vodiscount same as me.It took almost one hour to buy a ticket.

in General, my children and my niece were happy.

The food which sell inside of theme park are not really recommended, not so good taste but price is expensive enough, it is better restaurant at outside of the theme park.

Around 3 pm, there was a big rain, with hard wind, fortunately, we had almost finished, and we waited at the food court until rain was stop.

Here, some pictures that I can share

enjoy the holiday jungle land 4 jungle land 5 jungle land 6 jungle land

Hope this moments can become a good memories for our children.

See u on the next place.

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